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Sustainable, Conscious Community

Do you want to be part of a conscious community with a clear mission of building a Better World.

We’re currently (circa early, 2021) inviting those interested in sharing their energy, experience, skills and resources to join in this unique adventure.

This project is being conducted in collaboration with a CSIRO approved research institute.

Call or txt Dudley on 0266 853719  or 043-285-6464, or use the Contact Us page to submit a message.

Join Us

Join our network

You are invited to join us in our commitment to helping each other create a better world, initially for those who live locally in the Far North Coast of NSW and then progressively throughout Australia and around the globe.

A better world is one wherein all people and nature’s life supporting ecosystems are treated with respect and cared for as vital elements of the living planet Earth.

When we live together in harmony with each other as an integral part of nature, good health, abundance and wellbeing will become the inheritance of all.

The collection of this data is the first step in our community knowing more about who we are and how we might best work together to empower ourselves by becoming a self-determining people who are capable of bringing about the essential changes we would like to see in our world.

Knowing what resources, in particular human resources, are available to us and what we can learn from each other, will we believe surprise and inspire us to take the power we naturally have into our own hands to secure both our own and our children’s future.

So please, become a valued participant in determining our community’s future by filling in our Resources and Skills survey.

Also, if you choose to, we at SRI would very much appreciate your making a small donation of at least $5 to assist in covering our costs in providing our services. At this stage we are only set up here to accept donations via Payal, otherwise donations could be made to Southern Cross Credit Union, BSB: 722744, Ac.No: 83963.

Let’s help each other create a better world and have lots of fun doing it; Why not, because we can?