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Latest activities of SRI (Updated, late 2019)

SRI is currently preparing to establish an intentional community that will demonstrate a working example of a 21st Century sustainable living system. This will serve as the headquarters of the Sustainability Research Institute and will function as its first fully functioning sustainable living research project.

All members will live as both members of the community and as the research team, taking part in a variety of specific research objectives. Each member in consultation with the other members will determine their chosen field of research and their research objectives. We take the broad perspective that everything that humans do in the pursuit of their life goals, can be done in a sustainable way or unsustainably. Our task is to find the sustainable way.

The Team meets each week online to progress our understanding of who we are and how we will proceed with the project. Matters currently in-hand include:

  • Identifying the passions, capabilities and resources we each wish to contribute;
  • Discovering the roles we will each play as part of the team;
  • The income streams we each are interested in generating, including the resources required and the estimated cash-flows that could reasonably be anticipated;
  • Based on the above, a business plan is being developed as required for obtaining loans that will be needed for the purchase and infrastructure development, of a suitable rural property;
  • An ongoing search for a suitable property is being undertaken.

Anyone who feels they may be interested in joining us in this enterprise are invited to make contact and to complete the survey found via the Join Us button.