Latest activities of SRI (Updated, late 2019)

SRI is currently preparing to establish an intentional community that will demonstrate a working example of a 21st Century sustainable living system. This will serve as the headquarters of the Sustainability Research Institute and will function as its first fully functioning sustainable living research project.

All members will live as both members of the community and as the research team, taking part in a variety of specific research objectives. Each member in consultation with the other members will determine their chosen field of research and their research objectives. We take the broad perspective that everything that humans do in the pursuit of their life goals, can be done in a sustainable way or unsustainably. Our task is to find the sustainable way.

The Team meets each week online to progress our understanding of who we are and how we will proceed with the project. Matters currently in-hand include:

  • Identifying the passions, capabilities and resources we each wish to contribute;
  • Discovering the roles we will each play as part of the team;
  • The income streams we each are interested in generating, including the resources required and the estimated cash-flows that could reasonably be anticipated;
  • Based on the above, a business plan is being developed as required for obtaining loans that will be needed for the purchase and infrastructure development, of a suitable rural property;
  • An ongoing search for a suitable property is being undertaken.

Anyone who feels they may be interested in joining us in this enterprise are invited to make contact and to complete the survey found via the Join Us button.

Communities for a New World

Participating in transitioning the world as it is to a new healthier and happier one, requires practicality and vision and asks the question: How will we live in the world as it is now while increasingly experiencing living in our perceived ideal world? This means beginning the transition by the way we live today.

The Sustainability Research Institute, (SRI) and the Natural Capital Protection Trust are legal, political and financial management vehicles that can overcome many obstacles to establishing viable, sustainable community settlements within the world that surrounds us at present.

These can be described as ‘communities of sovereigns’ with the primary purpose of creating the best possible experience of life for all. They will be communities where there will be increasing harmony that enables members to become the abundant creators they each potentially are. This underlying ethic will then direct the actions of each member as they create their greatest contribution to their community’s abundance.
In finding their unique genius each member will discover not only their greatest treasure but the community’s also.

Dudley, who has been leading this research effort comes from life experiences in science, technology and industry, world travel, primary and secondary school teaching, political and environmental activism, and includes forty years in rural sustainable community development.

He approaches his research and development work from a ‘glocal’ perspective, recognizing that all things are connected, local is global and global is local. He says, “Our political, social and economic decisions must now be about “One World, One People, one community at a time.”

Each community’s development, whilst being conducted as a research project will provide a potentially long-term home for a group of people who choose each other as life-long companions. They will work together to achieve the highest quality of life for each other that is consistent with sustainable living practices and contributing to the wellbeing of the broader community.

Suitable rural properties are being selected by each group who will work with the Sustainability Research Institute to raise the required funds for their chosen property to be purchased by the Natural Capital Protection Trust. The NCPT is an Approved Environmental Organisation, listed by the Federal Department of Environment with Deductible Gift Recipient status, meaning that any donations of property or financial assistance will be 100% tax deductible.

SRI will lease the property from the NCPT for an agreed monthly payment sufficient to provide the Trust with the funds needed to meet its financial obligations to those who provide the funds for the purchase. The group who are conducting the research project and who will be residents of the settlement will commit to provide SRI in a timely manner, with the funds needed to make the lease payments.

Management of the property and the conduct of the research project will be the responsibility of the Project Team, (PT) i.e. the resident community.

As part of the lease agreement, the NCPT requires regular monitoring of all environmental impacts so as to ensure that the natural capital of the property is not degraded by the activities of the lease-holder; demonstrating proper caring for country. This will be an important aspect of the land management group’s responsibilities.

Income generating activities required by the PT to cover lease payments and all development costs are their responsibility, including the payment of wages and/or salaries for work undertaken by their members. SRI will however assist the PT in raising funds through the attainment of Government grants and private donations that support the research work. These donations will be eligible for 100 % ATO tax deductions.

The decision-making process of the PT will be in accord with that laid down in the SRI Memorandum & Articles of Association (Constitution); Essentially this is a specific process of establishing consensus.