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SRI’s Research Committee

Members include:

Dr. David Russell
– Ass. Professor and Director, Social Ecology Research Group, Faculty of Social Inquiry, Univ. of Western Sydney, Hawkesbury
– Diploma in Theology, BSc (Hons) – Psychology, Uni. of Sydney, PhD – Psychology, Uni. of Sydney
– Past employment includes: Project Leader for Co-operative Research Centre for Waste Management and Pollution Control Limited, responsible for $1.4million project. Senior Lecturer; Director and Senior Consultant for Praxis Pty Ltd, Behavioural Science Consultants, Sydney.
– Referee for External Research Funds; Author of numerous books and book chapters, conference papers, reports; Numerous research grants obtained.

Dr. Elizabeth Bragg
– Environmental Psychologist.
– Bachelor of Science, University of Sydney, 1988
– Bachelor of Arts with Class 1 Honours in Psychology, James Cook University of North Queensland, Townsville, 1990
– Doctor of Philosophy, Environmental Psychology, James Cook Uni.of Nth. Qld., 1996
– Past employment includes: Research Assistant, Research Officer, Research Consultant, Tutor, Lecturer,  Supervisor, Workshop Facilitator.
– Numerous research grants obtained; Various international collaborations
– Published numerous research papers, reports and presentations.

Mr. Peter Cuming
– Principal of ‘Sustainable Futures Planning and Design’.
– Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning, Class 11 Honours, Div.2. Uni. of New England, Armidale NSW
– Bachelor of Applied Science (Coastal Management) 2/3 complete. Southern Cross University Lismore, NSW
– Numerous other certificate held.
– Past employment includes: Strategic Planner, Project Manager, Researcher, Consultant.
– Published numerous research papers and reports.

Dr. David de Vries
– Permaculture consultant, educator and designer.
– Bachelor of Science, University of Queensland, 1982
– Doctor of Philosophy, University of Melbourne, 1985
– Past employment includes: Research Officer, Visiting Fellow, Research Associate, Senior Lecturer, Senior Research Scientist, Supervisor, Permaculture Educator and Designer.
– Numerous research grants obtained; Various international collaboration.
– Published numerous research papers, reports, book chapters and key note addresses.

Mr. Joe Friend
– Environment Consultant and Lecturer.
– Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, Class 1 Honours, University of Sydney, 1972
– Past employment includes: Researcher, Lecturer, Supervisor, Author, Consultant, Business Manager.
– Various national and international consultancies
– Published numerous scientific papers, book chapters and articles.

Mr. Dudley Leggett
– Chairman of SRI, Consultant Engineer, Educator.
– Diploma of Chemical Engineering, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, 1962
– Psychology 1, University of Melbourne, 1960
– 45 years experience in community development and whole living systems design.
– Past employment includes: Process Engineer, Plant Operations Supervisor, Teacher, School Principal, Community Development Consultant to and Project Manager for NSW Dept. of Housing.
– Published book chapter, essay and various articles.