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Science Art: What it is and why it is important

SRI collaborates on an ongoing basis with Science Art Research Centre of Australia in researching and promoting understanding of the ancient Greek Science for Ethical Ends needed to balance Sir Isaac Newton’s mechanical description of the Universe. This is considered critical to the development of sustainable technologies, government and economic systems.

ScienceArt – A Study of Great Importance for the Creation of a Sustainable Global Society

ScienceArt is the label given to the reunited study and practice of what today are called science and art. The ancient Greeks, the culture from which today’s Western culture draws its scientific and democratic inspiration, did not imagine the separation of their understanding of reality into these categories. Their scientific methods and philosophising and their study and understandings of aesthetics, mathematics, beauty and ethics were integrated into a (w)holistic understanding and was fundamental to their view of the world as they experienced it.

Today the dilemmas & conflicts that increasingly arise between science & the technologies that result from it and social, environmental and ethical concerns, some believe are the result of the deliberate separation of what can broadly be described as the fields of science and art, or mental and emotional, thoughts and feelings, brain and heart, intellect and intuition. This separation has been enforced with great determination over the last 2,000 years, through savage suppression by the Church of Rome and lately mostly by the scientific establishment.

Perceptions of reality were separated into two non-interactive categories:

  • The material or physical phenomena, which became the domain of science and through its growing power to manage matter and energy, the source of power of the state; and
  • The non-material or spiritual, which became the business of the church.

Power sharing by church and state was secured by keeping the true nature of reality from the populace, because of its liberating potential.

Brutal suppression by this elite is well recorded over the centuries, and disallowed any revelation of the deeper truths as heresy against God, or heretical science and therefore to be discarded. Once it became well established, through scientific success in the physical realm, the science establishment relegated any serious consideration of the non-physical, or that which cannot be detected by the senses, (directly or through instruments for extending the reach of the senses) as nonsense. This has progressively led to a decline in the power of the church, leaving only physical science as the source of knowledge of reality. Materiality and now money (the means of acquiring things that matter, or of matter) has become what is to be worshipped.

The Greek creation of democracy as an equitable means of self-government has similarly been corrupted by the action of the founders of modern government, when those who drafted the American Constitution chose to modernise government by basing its design on the new scientific understandings of Sir Isaac Newton and on Euclidean Geometry. Alexander Hamilton, a key figure in this process stated, “ Liberty is preserved not by civic virtue but by the design of government itself, which in turn, rests on the principles of physics and geometry”.

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