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SRI Structure

Sustainability Research Institute, (SRI), is a not-for-profit public company, and since 1997 a CSIRO approved Research Institute and an approved charity with DGR, Deductible Gift Recipient status. Based in the Byron Shire of NSW its aim is to research and promote sustainable technologies and best practice for human activities with respect to the physical, social, spiritual, cultural and economic environments.

Its Board of Directors are assisted in ensuring the quality of the Institute’s research programs, by its six-person strong Scientific Research Committee.

The long-term SRI vision is a worldwide network, of learning communities that effectively demonstrate how to gain and share the capacity to develop the human potential by raising human consciousness and quality of life, while enhancing biodiversity and the associated natural ecologies.

The SRI mission is to organise with existing communities locally, bioregionally and globally towards an integrated learning society for the wellbeing of all.

SRI intends to implement its mission by developing networks and collaborative action for the growth and sharing of knowledge and skills with a particular focus on the development of the human potential and preservation of natural ecosystems by accumulating relevant research, education and communication resources.

SRIs methodology is to develop the human capacity to innovate and create by enhancement of learning and exchange, primarily through the establishment of learning communities that focus on creating living environments that:

  • enable the empirical research to be conducted in real life situations;
  • provide optimal quality of life for the development of the inhabitant’s potential;
  • explore technologies and practices that enable ecologically sustainable living and
  • provide learning experiences for the general public.