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Sustainable, Conscious Community

Want to be part of a conscious community with a shared holistic vision?

We’re currently (circa May, 2019) inviting those interested in sharing their energy, experience, skills and resources.

This is a new model (supplemented by CSIRO-approved Institute research) offering significant  benefits and well being.

Call or txt Lydia on 04220 07724, or use the Contact Us page to submit a message.

SRI Structure

Sustainability Research Institute, (SRI), is a not-for-profit public company, and since 1997 a CSIRO approved Research Institute. Based in the Byron Shire of NSW its aim is to research and promote sustainable technologies and best practice for human activities with respect to the physical, social, political, cultural and economic environments. In particular the focus is on the integration of knowledge across these fields towards the design of a sustainable society.

SRI is an Eastern word for highest respect or sacredness and illustrates the intention of balancing knowledge of the physical world with knowledge of the spiritual world in developing a sustainable society. This choice of name for the Institute was made in recognition of the importance of social design and human activity being based on an attitude of respect for all people, all life forms and the natural world that sustains all life.

SRI is now preparing to establish its first sustainable community village as a campus of the Institute, where sustainable technology and practices will be developed and demonstrated as a prototype model that integrates sustainability from a physical, social and economic perspective. The income of the resident staff of the Institute will be derived from the research & development activities and from tours and onsite learning opportunities made available to visitors to this unique ‘walk-in’ experience of a lifestyle that is optimal for both humans and planet.

This will be the first step towards building a network of sustainability-learning communities towards a sustainability-learning society. An important aspect of the design is the legal and financial infrastructure, which addresses the need to accommodate State Planning legislation regarding rural settlement and the need to provide affordable settlement opportunities for all people regardless of their access to financial capital.

The philosophy of a SRI community is that the  purpose of community is to support each member in achieving fulfilment of their highest potential. The highest priority of each member is therefore, to at all times act according to their inmost truth and to respect that right for each other member.

Any family or anyone interested in becoming a participant in this first community settlement or in assisting in the funding or provision of a suitable property are encouraged to contact SRI, which has Deductible Gift Recipient status with the Australian Taxation Office, meaning donations towards its research work are 100% tax deductible. Donations of property or funds towards the purchase of a property are also 100% tax deductible.