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Vehicle and Association

Sustainability Research Institute – A public vehicle

Sustainability Research Institute, (SRI) is a CSIRO Approved Research Institute, or ARI. It provides a vehicle for people wishing to see sustainable practices in use throughout society. This is based on the understanding that coordinating research, development, skill acquisition and promotion of sustainable practices in all fields of human activity, is vital for the wellbeing of present and future generations, and for the maintenance of bio-diversity and a healthy environment. SRI is designed and operated to assist people directly in this coordination. SRI has been incorporated by its directors as a non-profit public company. They take responsibility for the legal requirements of the organisation and ensure that the conduct of the organisation accords with the Memorandum and Articles of the Company, and is as required by (ASIC), Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

SRI works in a cooperative way with community groups and other organisations to pursue projects of common interest. Agreements are made to suit the needs of all parties but must be consistent with the objectives of SRI. Individuals, groups or organisations may choose to be recognised as Associates of SRI. This would be an indication of their commitment to collaboration for the achievement of common goals that accord with the mission and practices of SRI. In this way all parties can reduce costs and gain strength from the support of united action.

The network of SRI and associated bodies, provides an interface between relevant individuals, groups and organisations around the world, with all levels of government and a diversity of funding sources. Networking in this way also assists in the coordination of income generation and employment opportunities and the development of new socioeconomic processes based on promotion and implementation of sustainable living practices and technologies and educational/eco-tourism SRI is promoting a strategic approach whereby existing industry sectors adapt and integrate in order to gain the benefits of synergy. It will lead to more efficient and cost effective business operations that are consistent with sustainable eco-logical order and to the development of self-reliant bioregions.

Transforming the overly centralised and bureaucratic government systems is required to enable the natural evolution of human eco-logical systems that are sensitive, flexible and adaptive. The increasing evidence of the possible collapse of social, economic and environmental systems within the near future, makes it crucial that people cooperate to accelerate the essential changes that must take place to ensure the future health and well-being of all.

SRI advocates the development of bioregions in which local communities take responsibility for localised self-government and coordinate with neighbouring communities to collectively gather and share relevant information and resources. This is the only feasible approach to healing and restructuring our natural, social and economic environments. Without such concerted, cooperative and localised efforts the degradation of the natural ecological order and the bankrupting of the economy and social values will continue.

Communities working together as collectives, for the common good and successfully promoting richly bio-diverse and pristine natural environments is achievable, but only if by caring and sharing
we succeed in implementing with wisdom, the accumulating knowledge developed over time throughout the world.